Experience the Best Alaska has to offer with Massage, Nutrition and Chaga Supplements



Empower Specializes in Medical Massage, Nutrition Consulting and High Quality Made In Alaska Products


Alaska’s harsh climates and long seasons lead to the extensive injuries, pain and health issues. Experience in injury recovery and nutrition allows Empower to help treat the specific needs of the people and visitors of this great state.

With a  Highly Trained Master Therapist and Nutrition Consultant, Empower will give you the ability to Wake Up Without Pain, Recover From Injuries, Help With Weight Management and Gently Guide You Toward Your Health Goals with Innovative Treatments and Top Quality Products that are made right here in Alaska

~Designed for You…


If you are suffering from Chronic Pain, Injuries or are just Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired, SUFFER NO MORE!

Empower can assist you in achieving Healthier Days and a Lifestyle of Lasting Wellness.


Imagine a Brighter Future, a Healthier State of Being or a Lasting Feeling of Wellness…Its time to  EMPOWER you!


Join me for an EmPower Hour that is Tailored to your specific needs, with Individuality as my main focus.



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